What Is A Fuel Management System?

A Fuel Management System is a combination of hardware and software products, that together enable security, access, and control of fuel stores, whilst monitoring delivery and consumption.

Mobile fuel trucks allow and control the refuelling of fixed plant machinery as well as providing refuelling facilities to equipment that is operating in remote areas, where it is not practical or cost effective to use fuel station. Industries need complete control of mobile bowser dispensing pumps to:
•Ensure maximum accuracy with minimum human intervention.
• Provide a secure fueling environment.
• Minimize fuel loss through wastage and theft.

Driven by Powerful Technology & Reporting
• Data is electronically captured and immediately available online
• Fully automated system that significantly reduces human error
• Ensures accurate recording of data

• Fuel is delivered when required. The correct amount fuel is always dispensed, exactly when and
where you need it.

Reliability – Avoid Costly Downtime
• Callcomm components are field proven and extremely robust
• Misfuelling and cross contamination errors are significantly reduced, minimizing the downtime of all the vehicles involved.

Safety & Security
• Prevents dangerous and costly overfilling
• All system components are certified to operate in hazardous environments
• Tight controls provided by AVI technology and online reporting minimize fraudulent activities and fuel theft

Get the individual transactions, vehicle wise, site-wise and overall.
Real time fuel level capture of bowsers.
Reports – Reconciliation, Inventory, Sales.
Live vehicle filling quantity control.

System Flow Chart

Fuel Management System

  • The Callcomm Prudent Fuel management system is designed to monitor and control fuel consumption within your
  • This FMS accurately measure and track fuel inventories and how fuel is dispensed to each
  • This information is then stored in systems and reported to the users through the use of web portal and Mobile
  • Requester, Approver and fueller roles are
  • Its will give the various report of vehicle utilization, user work performance and fuelling management
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