Escort TD-Online – the world`s first capacitive fuel level sensor with in-build GPS module and replaceable SIM-card. The combination of the main features of fuel sensor and GPS monitoring tracking device provides two devices in one saving your time and money.

Due to patented technology of the two devices combining, «Escort TD-Online» features a wide range of capabilities:

  • In-build GPS receiver provides your vehicle location and tracking.
  • Engine ON/ OFF indication due to power supply voltage monitoring.
  • In-build accelerometer allows to control the driver`s behavior by the rating system.
  • Up to 7 additional sensors connection to the TD-Online via RS-485.
  • Replaceable SIM-card allows the convenient mobile operator selection.
  • No extra wiring is required for motor hours reporting.
  • Embedded antennas increase the reliability and reduce time of assembling.

Additionally to improved functionality, «TD-Online» has gotten a new case, providing even more reliability and service lifetime.

All the materials and components are proved to withstand extreme temperature drops from -60/+80 °С. It provides stable functionality in any application whatsoever.

«Escort TD-Online» has high Ingress protection IP67 and galvanic isolation along the entire casing.

Statistically 70% of monitoring systems imply just a GPS tracker and fuel level sensor. Installation of such systems though takes significant amount of time and high skilled personnel.

The «Escort TD-Online» sensor removes both the problems. The installation takes much less time, since there just two power supply wires connection is required.

More than 7 thousand units have been installed since 2016 by our partners.

Technical Characteristics

Resolution capacity, % 0,1
Measurement error, % ±1%
Ingress protection rating IP67
Electrical shock protection by GOST class III
Power supply voltage range, V 12…36
GPS receiver channels 32
GSM Communication Standard GSM 900/1800
Transmitter power, watt 2
Black box storage capacity, records 32000
Baud rate RS-485, bit/sec 19200
Ambient temperature range, °С from -60 to +85
Overall dimensions, mm, max Lх80х80
Weight, kg, max 1