Reliable work in any conditions

The device TD-100 is marked with an ideal balance of price and quality provided by maximum efficiency and high productivity.

TD-100 possesses the same productive characteristics as its flagman predecessor TD-500 but in more universal form: the model offers 2- switch launch modes, as well as a galvanic isolating body. While working with this device you will mark its high performance of operation characteristics;

– Endurance of any external influence;

– High measurement precision;

– Stability of measurements in any conditions.

Technical Characteristics

Measured medium Gasoline, diesel fuel
Type of output signal RS-485, frequency signal
Resolution ability of digital output signal 0,1%
Frequency output range 300 – 4395 Hz
Inaccuracy for measuring the level not more 1%
Characteristic nonlinearity not more 1%
Nominal power voltage 9…50 V
Power consumption, not exceeding 30 mA
Ingress protection rating  IP67
Operating temperature range °C from -60 to +85