Model DU-180 is a measuring device providing permanent control of the angle change status in relation to the horizontal axis.

Depending on the selected working mode, this unique technological solution enables to transmit information in the form of digital or analog signal showing the change of deviation angle in the controlled mechanism by the interface RS-485 in the form of frequency signal or switching of dry contacts in the output.

Excavators work control

"DU-180" is set to an arm of an excavator and transmits information on its status to a monitoring unit only when actual bucket manipulation is performed, defining the total duration of work and idling, as well as time of the initial and the last bucket manipulation. Thus, you will always know the exact amount of work performed.

Crane operation control

"DU-180" is installed to a boom of a crane, reporting to the monitoring tracker an information about the beginning and the end of the work, the number of lifts, the duration of the work.

Tipper truck work control

"DU-180" mounted on the lifting body of a tipper, reporting to the tracker on each rollover of the body, namely, the start and end of the body operation, the amount and duration of the loading / unloading cases.

Garbage truck control

"DU-180" assess the quality of work performed and to prevent the exit of the machine outside the specified work area. Should be installed to the lifting forks hence be able to report on a garbage bin loading and the operation duration. You will always know the amount of work done and be alerted in case of unauthorized use.

Control of operation of snowplows / grader

"DU-180" mounted on the frame of the front blade of a snowplow and a "Blade" mode algorithm defines the up or down position. The operating principle of "DU-180" on the graders is exactly the same as in the snow machines. With the help of the Escort angle sensor, you'll always know where, when and how the equipment works.

Harvester work control

"DU-180" mounted on the combine harvester header. The angle meter informs on the lift height of the header, so that you will always know the exact amount of work performed.

Technical Characteristics

Number of measurement axis 3
Measurement range, degree 0…180
Supply voltage, V 10…36
Power consumption, not exceeding, ma 8
Protection level IP67
Working temperature, °С -60…+85
Temperature nonlinearity, %/°C ±0.1
Precision, degree ±1
Type of output signal, analog dry contact (ground switching)
Type of output signal, digital RS-485
Type of output signal, frequency 300…480Hz
Opportunity of work in differential mode available