Special development for the agricultural sector

Ultrasonic proximity sensor DGV-200 is a measurement device determining a precise distance to the object.

It is applied for control of a device position, sowing depth, level in a container and other distances. It gives a digital measured value in centimeters and does not demand calibrations or gaging.


Liquid nitrogen fertilizers spraying

Liquid nitrogen fertilizer in gaseous state is necessary to introduce on a depth of 15 to 20 cm. In case of the deviations the soil treatment effectiveness decreases drastically. “DGV-200” helps to distribute gaseous fertilizer to a depth in accordance with the given norm.

The operating principle of “DGV-200” while spraying nitrogen fertilizer is exactly the same as in the conventional grain sowing: a sensor mounted on the seeding machine platform and the ultrasonic signal allows to control the distribution of nitrogen fertilizer spraying depth.

Sawing quality control

Complying with the seeding depth requirements is one of the important factors for obtaining a good yield, as different crops require different seeding depth due to their unique biological features. The task of depth uniformity maintenance is being solved by ultrasonic proximity sensor “Escort DGV-200” by measuring the distance from the seeding machine platform to the ground. The lower the platform, the larger the seeding depth.

Technical Characteristics

Level measurement range 20-400 cm
Discreteness of measurement 1 cm
Temperature measurement correction available
Digital interface RS-485
Power consumption, not exceeding 30 mA
Power supply voltage 1%
Operating temperature range -60…+85 °C
Ingress protection rating IP67
Dimensions, not exceeding 100x44x44 mm